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Here are the latest publications from Hildegard publishing.

491-00678Pauline Viardot-Garcia: Five Spanish Songs
for voice and piano
This edition of Viardot-Garcia's vocal works in Spanish for voice and piano sheds light, not only on this intellectual diva, singing professional and composer; but also on Pauline García, the Spaniard who never forgot her roots. García added these roots - cultivated, idealized and used as an added value to her vocal compositions - to the compositional contributions of her father Manuel García, and her sister, María Malibran. Coming Fall 2021!
491-00654Irena Regina Poldowski: Collected Songs of Poldowski: volume 2$29.95
With renewed interest in the music of Poldowski in recent years, this new critical edition is a welcome addition to the vocal repertoire. The edition, in two volumes, present all 36 of Poldowski's extant works for voice and piano. Volume 2 contains settings of French poets as well as English texts. This collection of includes "Soir ," "La passante" and "Down by the Salley Gardens." The editors of this new edition have provided a treasure trove of resource material relating to the songs and the composer. Now shipping!
491-00677Margaret Bonds: When the Dove Enters In$9.95
For solo voice and piano. Text by Langston Hughes. In the words of editor John Michael Cooper, this work is an example of the deeply poetic creative nature of the Bonds-Hughes collaborations. By genre, it is a gospel song, with mostly diatonic harmonies, and soulful, beautiful melodies. Hughes' text focuses on the images of prayer, the dove, and light. Now Available!
491-00676Margaret Bonds: Six Songs on Poems by Edna St Vincent Millay (medium voice)$21.95
Edited by John Michael Cooper. The Millay settings are remarkable for their almost symphonic textures and pronounced sense of drama. Bonds’ music is compelling and as profoundly moving as Millay’s poems themselves – a feat rarely if ever matched by other composers who have set these iconic poems to music. Now published for the first time, these settings are poised to assume their rightful position as milestones in twentieth-century art song. (For original/high voice, see 491-03177)
490-01185Margaret Bonds: Two Works for Solo Piano$16.95
The two works in this publication are Tangamerican and Fugal Dance. In the words of editor John Michael Cooper, Tangamerican is melodically, harmonically, and stylistically rich, but succinct – just thirty-eight measures long – two and a half minutes in “tempo tango.” Fugal Dance is extraordinarily complex musically. This notable work has a dramatic shape that proceeds from dissonance, confusion, and strife to a sense of victory and triumph.
392-03111Margaret Bonds: St. Francis' Prayer
For SATB Chorus and Piano
Bonds composed this choral piece in 1968. The text for this work is the well known and timeless "Prayer for St Francis of Assissi" (anonymous) that begins "Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love..." Now Shipping!