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Sophia Dussek

1775 - 1847

Sophia Dussek's life was surrounded by music from an early age. Wife of Jan Ladislav Dussek and mother of Olivia Dussek Bulkley, this English singer, pianist, harpist, and composer was originally of Italian descent. She performed as a child and enjoyed a career of singing, playing the piano and harp. She published sonatas, rondos, variations, and numerous arrangements for the piano and harp. Her parents were musicians, and her four brothers all pursued musical careers. After her second marriage to John Alois Moralt, she settled in Paddington where she founded a successful music school.

Works in Our Catalog:

494-02578 - Sonata
490-01080 - Sonata for Piano Forte
494-02561 - Three Favorite Airs Arranged for the Harp