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Cecilia Maria Barthélemon

1770 - 1840

Born into a musical family (daughter of a French violinist and composer, Francois Hippolyte BarthelŽmon and Mary BarthŽlemon), Cecilia made her debut in London in 1779, performing a vocal duet with her mother. Joseph Haydn was a family friend and listed Cecilia as one of the London musical personalities in his 1792 London Notebook. She in turn dedicated her keyboard Sonata op. 3 to him and was a subscriber to his Creation. Cecilia married Captain E.P. Henslowe, the son of the Navy Commissioner, and appears to have ceased composing after that.

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494-02568 - 6 Sonatas
490-01122 - Capture of the Cape of Good Hope
494-02567 - Sonata, Opus 1, no. 3

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