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Elizabeth Stirling

1819 - 1895

Elizabeth Stirling was born in Greenwich, near London. While in her teens, she studied at the Royal Academy of Music in London. By 1851, the first of a significant number of her part-songs had been published. In 1858, Stirling was appointed organist of St. Andrew Undershaft, a prominent London church. In 1863, her England's Prayer for the Prince and Princess of Wales, was published. Like those of other composers of the genre, hers also leaned toward pastoral or seasonal themes for their texts, doubtless due to the popularity of such music with the small rural choral societies that proliferated during the nineteenth century in England. Stirling's organ works, while varied, frequently include a challenging pedal part, placing her among the avant-garde as both a performer and composer. For further information, see "Women Composers: Music Through the Ages," volume VI and HPC 02053.

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493-00094 - Moderato & Maestoso