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Clara Schumann

1819 - 1896

Clara Schumann was born into a musical family, a child prodigy as both pianist and composer. Her first compositions were published when she was only eleven years old; she started performing in public at the same age. Schumann is best known today for her unusual sixty-year long concert career, and for championing the music of her husband Robert and her friend Johannes Brahms. The first woman to play the Beethoven piano sonatas in public, and the first pianist to perform without using printed scores, she was noted also for the serious profile of her concert programs. Her works include music for piano, lieder, chamber groups and a piano concerto.

Works in Our Catalog:

490-01136 - Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, Op.7
490-01112 - Preludes and Fugues, Op. 16
490-01110 - Preludes, Exercises and Fugues
491-00546 - Seven Songs
490-01111 - Soirees Musicales Op.6