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Alexandra Pierce

b. 20th Century

Delineated lyricism, etched rhythms, shifting tones of voice, and expressiveness inherent in playing gesture are at the core of Pierce's musical thought. She has written some 175 compositions, including works for symphony orchestra, string quartet, chorus, solo voice, piano and prepared piano, harp, woodwind, percussion and various chamber ensembles. Pierce is currently Professor of Music and Movement at the University of Redlands in California, where she heads the composition program. She is also the author of Spanning: Essays on Music Theory, Performance and Movement, and co-author with Roger Pierce of Expressive Movement: Posture and Action in Daily life, Sports, and the Performing Arts and Generous Movement: a Practical Guide to Balance in Action. HPC #09504.

Works in Our Catalog:

492-00140 - Jabberwocky