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Maria Hester Reynolds Park

1760 - 1813

English composer Maria Hester Reynolds was born September 29, 1760. Active in London musical circles, she performed publicly on both harpsichord and piano and taught music to various members of the aristocracy. Her music, spanning a quarter of a century of creativity, demonstrates her knowledge of keyboard styles and technique, and her competence as a professional composer. Maria Hester Reynolds married Thomas Park. She died in Hampstead, England. She is often confused with Miss Maria F. Parke, another English composer from the same era (who sometimes published under the name "M.F. Parke"). For further information see "Women Composers: Music Through the Ages," volume V, or visit Barabara Govatos, ed.

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494-02587 - Divertimento for Pianoforte
494-02586 - Six Sonatas for Violin and Keyboard

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