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Maria Theresia von Paradis

1759 - 1824

Paradis was the child of the Imperial Secretary and Court Councilor to Empress Maria Theresa, after whom she was named. Although she became blind at an early age, her talent earned her a stipend from her namesake for a musical and general education. While performing in Europe on a concert tour, Paradis began to compose solo piano music as well as pieces for voice and keyboard. She devoted significant amounts of energy to teaching and work on behalf of the blind, and of young women musicians. Her 30 works combine the lyrical features of the Viennese and Italian styles with the more dramatic nature of the Berlin School. For further information, see "Women Composers: Music Through the Ages," volume III. HPC #09811, #20C07, #20C08, #20C10, #20C16, #20C33.

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490-01103 - Fantasie