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Margaret Ruthven Lang

1867 - 1972

Margaret Ruthven Lang was born in Boston, MA in the same year as Amy Beach and lived to the age of 105. Unlike the self-taught Beach, she followed the path of many other composers of the "Boston School," traveling to Germany to study counterpoint and fugue. Upon her return to Boston she studied orchestration and composition with Edward MacDowell. Her song Ojal‡ to poetry of George Eliot, was performed at the Paris Exposition in 1889 and served to establish her reputation as a composer. In April, 1893,the Boston Symphony Orchestra premiered her Dramatic Overture, op. 12; it was the first performace of a work by an American woman composer by a major American orchestra. Le Chevalier, Op. 18, subtitled Petit roman pour le piano en six chapitres, was published in 1894 by A.P. Schmidt and is Hildegard catalog #02002. Her songs, including Ojal‡, can be found in #09619 and #02057. For further information, see "Women Composers: Music Through the Ages," volume VII and HPC 09404

Works in Our Catalog:

491-00523 - 5 Songs
490-01095 - Le Chevalier
491-00524 - Nonsense Rhymes & Pictures