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Phyllis Addison

b. 20th Century

Phyllis Addison has written music for film, video, animation and dance, and has performed solo works in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Miami and Los Angeles. She holds a BA in "Historical and Contemporary Perspectives of Music and the Environment" for which she earned her Phi Beta Kappa key, and an MFA in electronic music from Mills College. A recipient of a Pacific Composers Forum award for her Woodwind Quintet, The Room, and a grant recipient from Meet the Composer, she has been featured on domestic and international radio and has had works performed by the Unitarian Community Church Choir and the Pacifica Chamber Players. Ms. Addison is the author and composer of a full-length musical theater piece entitled "The Mythical Earth," which brings to life an ancient/modern matriarchal tribe. She is a founding member of the Women Artists Group and holds workshops for women in singing as a form of self-expression. She is a licensed Minister with the Universal Life Church and performs weddings and other rites of passage for which she creates music.

Works in Our Catalog:

494-02637 - The Room