Publishing music of women composers, past and present.

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Voice Teacher's Guide to Women Composers

Hildegard is proud to be the leading publisher of vocal music by women composers. Voice teachers today find that it's important to include repertoire by women composers among the study works and recital pieces that they assign for their students. To make these materials easier to locate and review, we have created this resource page specifically for voice teachers and their students. Listed below is a sampling of Hildegard Publishing's vocal collections. Tables of contents and sample pages are included for each collection.

Art Songs and Spirituals by African-American Women Composers

Various Composers/ed. Vivian Taylor

Art Songs and Spirituals

This is a must-have collection of spirituals and composed works by a variety of African-American composers. No voice teacher should be without this essential resource.

In response to recent events, during the month of June, we are donating $5 from each sale of this item to the African American Composers Initiative. Find out more about this organization at:

491-00494 • $49.50

First Solos: Songs by Women Composers

Various Composers

First Solos: Songs by Women Composers

The repertoire for these volumes is designed for the young singer. With many vocal collections today containing few songs by women, this is an essential addition for the voice teacher to help build a good and varied vocal repertoire for the young student, male or female.

Volume I: High Voice • 491-00510 • $19.95

Volume II: Medium Voice • 491-00511 • $26.50

Volume III: Low Voice • 491-00512 • $26.50

Nineteenth Century Art Song Collections

Various Composers

Nineteenth Century Art Song Collections

These seven volumes of nineteenth century art songs encompass a large and comprehensive collection of repertoire from American and European sources. An excellent teaching resource.

American Art Songs, Volume I: High Voice • 491-00537 • $32.00

American Art Songs, Volume II: Medium Voice • 491-00538 • $15.50

English Art Songs, Volume I: High Voice • 491-00533 • $34.00

English Art Songs, Volume II: Medium Voice • 491-00534 • $34.00

French Art Songs, Volume I: Med./High Voice • 491-00535 • $29.50

French Art Songs, Volume II: Medium/High Voice • 491-00536 • $43.00

German Art Songs • 491-00539 • $34.50

Other Important Collections:

In addition to the anthologies listed above, we recommend the following single composer collections for study and exploration of the vocal repertoire.

Amy Beach

Vocal Music of Amy Beach

Twelve Songs • 491-00498 • $39.95

Three Songs • 491-00568 • $27.50

Find out more about Amy Beach...

Francesca Caccini

Vocal Music by Francesca Caccini

Ten Canzonettas • 491-00502 • $38.00

Io mi distruggo • 491-00564 • $15.50

Seven Pieces for Voice • 491-00570 • $33.50

Find out more about Francesca Caccini...

Alma Mahler

Vocal Music by Alma Mahler

Vier Lieder • 491-00528 • $26.50

2 Lieder • 491-00529 • $22.50

Find out more about Alma Mahler...

Josephine Lang

Vocal Music by Josephine Lang

Lieder, Volume One • 491-00621 • $21.95

Lieder, Volume Two • 491-00622 • $21.95

Find out more about Josephine Lang...