Publishing music of women composers, past and present.

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Looking for great resources to introduce your students to women composers? We've got just what you need! Check out these "tried and true" publications especially suited for young musicians.

Find out more about the lives of these amazing women: Amy Beach, Clara Schumann, Maria Szymanowska, Josephine Lang, Karen Christianson and many more fascinating women composers.

Also, check out another great resource or students and teachers: Hildegard Guide to Black Women Composers


490-01065Amy Beach: Children's Album, No. 1, op. 36$16.95Add to Cart
490-01064Amy Beach: Children's Carnival, Op. 25, 1-6$19.95Add to Cart
490-01125Elisabetta de Gambarini: Lessons for the Harpsichord$15.00Add to Cart
490-01110Clara Schumann: Preludes, Exercises and Fugues$29.95Add to Cart
490-01115Maria Szymanowska: Three √Čtudes from Vingt exercices et pr√©ludes pour le Pianoforte$15.00Add to Cart
490-01060 Various: American Women Composers: Piano Music from 1865-1915$39.95Add to Cart
490-01070 Various: Black Women Composers: A Century of Piano Music (1893-1990)$49.95Add to Cart
490-01084 Various: Four Early English Keyboard Sonatas$39.00Add to Cart
490-01102 Various: Keyboard Music by 19th Century German Composers$45.00Add to Cart

Solo Voice

491-00621Josephine Lang: Lieder, Volume One$21.95Add to Cart
491-00622Josephine Lang: Lieder, Volume Two$21.95Add to Cart
491-00546Clara Schumann: Seven Songs$24.95Add to Cart
491-00674 Various: 24 Italian Songs & Arias by Women Composers$24.95Add to Cart
491-00510 Various: First Solos: Songs by Women Composers, Volume I: High Voice$19.95Add to Cart
491-00511 Various: First Solos: Songs by Women Composers, Volume II: Medium Voice$24.95Add to Cart
491-00512 Various: First Solos: Songs by Women Composers, Volume III: Low Voice$24.95Add to Cart


392-03111Margaret Bonds: St. Francis' Prayer$2.95Add to Cart
392-01202Karen E. Christianson: Psalm of Thanksgiving$1.95Add to Cart
492-00120Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel: Gartenlieder$14.95Add to Cart


494-02599Amy Beach: Five Pieces for Cello and Piano$19.95Add to Cart
494-02570Amy Beach: Music for Violin and Piano$31.95Add to Cart
494-02593Maddalena Lombardini-Sirmen: Six Duettos for Two Violins$24.95Add to Cart
494-02675Irena Regina Poldowski: Music for Violin and Piano$47.50Add to Cart
494-02665 Various: Black Women Composers: Twentieth Century Music for Piano and Strings$39.95Add to Cart
494-02660 Various: Twentieth Century Music for Flute and Piano or Flute Solo$34.95Add to Cart
494-02591Pauline Viardot-Garcia: Six Morceaux$34.95Add to Cart