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Title:O Frondens Virga
Composer: Hildegard von Bingen
Catalog Number:492-00044
Notes:Performing Edition - Available in quantities of 10 or more copies only. Note: This antiphon also appears in "Volume II - Chants for the Blessed Virgin Mary", catalog #492-00127
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Title:Volume II - Chants for the Blessed Virgin Mary
Composer: Hildegard von Bingen
Editor/Arranger:Marianne Richert Pfau
Catalog Number:492-00127
Contents:10. O splendidissima gemma
11. Hodie aperuit
12. Quia ergo femina
13. Cum processit
14. Cum erubuerint
15. O frondens virga
16. O quam magnum miraculum est
17. Ave generosa
18. O virga mediatrix
19. O viridissima virga
20. O virga ac diadema
21. O tu suavissima
22. O quam preciosa
23. O tu illustrata
8. Ave Maria
9. O clarissima mater

The sixteen chants for the Blessed Virgin Mary and her Son presented here include two musical settings whose texts are already found in Hildegard's Scivias. It appears that Hildegard set these texts to music for the Symphonia cycle, either at the time of composing the words, or later in a separate compositional process. Some of the Marian chants belong to the liturgical category of the responsory. Hildegard's responsories are her most lofty compositions, and are quite unparalleled in their melodic decoration by any other medieval composer of monophony.

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