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Title:Lieder, Volume Two
Composer:Josephine Lang
Editor/Arranger:Harald Krebs
Catalog Number:491-00622
Contents:Am Bache Op. 20
Der Herbst Op. 12, No. 5
Die Wolken Op. 25, No. 5
Du denkst an mich so selten Op. 26, No. 3
Im reinsten Gold ich treu bewahr Op. 34 [35], No. 1
Leb'wohl, leb' wohl du schöne Welt Op. 29, No.1
Nach dem Abschied Op. 9, No. 3
Scheiden Op. 43, No. 4
Vorsatz Op. 38 [39], No. 1
Zusammen Op. 26, No. 5

Although Lang was a prolific composer of Lieder, many of her works are unavailable today. This 2-volume collection presents a cross-section of her work and includes works not previously available in modern editions.

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