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Title:Preludes, Exercises and Fugues
Composer:Clara Schumann
Editor/Arranger:Valerie Woodring Goertzen
Catalog Number:490-01110
Notes:for Piano
Contents:Einfach Praeludien für Schüler (Simple Preludes for Students
No. 1 Andante
No. 1 Fuga a 4 voci
No. 1 in C Major
No. 10 Vorspiel zu "Schlummerlied"
No. 11 Allegretto
No. 2 Andante
No. 2 Fuga a 4 voci
No. 2 in A Minor
No. 3 Allegro
No. 3 Fuga a 4 voci
No. 3 in G Major
No. 4 Andante
No. 4 in E Minor
No. 5 in D Major
No. 5 Maestoso
No. 6 in B Minor
No. 6 Vorspiel zu "des Abends"
No. 7 Frei
No. 7 in A Major
No. 8 Allegro
No. 9 Vorspiel zu "Aufschwung"
Praeludien (Preludes)
Praeludien (Exercises)
Prelude and Fugue in F-sharo Minor (1845)
Three Fugues on Themes of Sebastian Bach (1845)
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