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Title:American Women Composers: Piano Music from 1865-1915
Composer: Various
Editor/Arranger:Sylvia Glickman
Catalog Number:490-01060
Contents:Dance - Helen Hopekirk
Dreaming Op. 15, No. 3 - Amy Beach
Dusty, a Rag - May Aufderheide
Grand National Medley - Eliza Pattiani
Hoosier Rag - Julia Niebergall
La Favorite, Etude Mazurka - Jane Torry Sloman
Lake Shore Dream - Faustina Hasse Hodges
Phoebe Thompson's Cakewalk - Sadie Koninsky
Prelude - Helen Hopekirk
Reverie - Carrie Jacobs-Bond
Rhapsody - Margaret Ruthven Lang
Scherzo - Clara Kathleen Rogers
Staccato Polka - Clara Gottschalk
Twilight Fancies - Clara Scott
Valse Boheme - Celeste Heckscher
Wireless Rag - Adaline Shepherd

This edition of piano music by American women composers of the late 19th century presents seventeen works by fifteen composers, examples of music of a transitional period in the development of American music. The collection covers a spectrum of musical styles, from works by virtuoso pianists such as Amy Beach to works in the popular styles of the day.

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