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FLUTE SOLOS: 12 items found

3 Short Character Pieces

By: Elisa Kahn-Ellis

for Flute and Piano

Item: 494-02655

This delightful work takes the listener through an agitato "chase", a more ponderous period of "captivity" and finally a romping expression of joy in "freedom."


Arca Sacra

By: Cynthia Folio

for flute solo

Item: 494-02650

This interesting piece for solo flute includes many musical palindromes as its palidromic title implies. In addition to this unusual structural element, the work is also influenced by jazz and folk music.


Arca Sacra

By: Cynthia Folio

Demonstration CD

Item: 494-02651



By: Laura Elise Schwendinger

Item: 494-03104

Aurora, was commissioned by the National Flute Association Inc. Young Artist Competition (2017). A flutist, as well as a composer, the composer writes that the work “is an ode to the flute repertoire I grew up with. French in feeling, the piece takes advantage of the flute’s flexibility." Schwendinger celebrates the possible colors of the flute through this virtuosic work.


Bati l'Gani

By: Meira Warshauer

for Solo Flute with optional improvised percussion (Commissioned for Paula Robison)

Item: 494-02841

Written for and recorded by renowned flutist, Paula Robison, Bati l’gani was inspired by a verse from Song of Songs and takes its title from that text (“I have come into my garden”). The piece may be performed as written, for flute alone, or with improvised percussion.


Four Glimpses of Night

By: Binnette Lipper

for solo flute

Item: 494-02975

Inspired by a poem of the same title written by Frank Marshall Davis, this piece is in four movements that reflect the poem. The writing is expressive with searching, fluid lines in varying rhythmic patterns with changing tempi and shifting moods. Rich musical material allows the player to indulge in imagination, light and dark use of tone, more free phrasing, some light tonguing and dynamic range creating a sense of magical wonder and lightness of spirit, as if accompanying four vignettes.


Lumière de Soleil

By: Claire Durand-Racamato

for solo piccolo (or flute)

Item: 494-02644


Prelude and Fugue

By: Marion Bauer

for Flute and Piano - Honorable Mention winner of National Flute Association's 2010 Newly Published Music Competition!

Item: 494-02859

Honorable Mention winner of National Flute Association's 2010 Newly Published Music Competition! Never before published, this piece by Washington State composer, Marion Bauer (1882-1955), combines aspects of impressionism and more modern elements. The edition contains extensive program notes and critical notes.


Rhapsodia Andina

By: Adriana Isabel Figueroa Mañas

for Flute or Violin & Piano (includes separate parts for flute & violin)

Item: 494-02957

This piece can be played equally effectively by flute or violin. Composed in  two contrasting sections, Figueroa's music recalls her native Argentinean folkloric music especially in the use of rhythm and melodic color.



By: Sophia Dussek

for violin (flute)and harpsichord (piano)

Item: 494-02578


Sonata in D major, Op. 1, no. 2

By: Jane Mary Guest

for violin/flute and harpsichord/piano

Item: 494-02581


Twentieth Century Music for Flute and Piano or Flute Solo

By: Various

A winner in the 1999 National Flute Association new publications competition!

Item: 494-02660

A past winner in the National Flute Association new publications competition!